3 Tips For Planning Your Professional Headshots In Springfield MO

Springfield MO headshot photographer captures man standing at welcome desk of computer company

Many professionals are looking for the best person to update their headshots in Springfield MO.  I constantly hear from other professionals who mention they struggle to get a good headshot representing their line of work or company branding.

3 Tips To Help You Plan Your Headshots in Springfield MO

1. Finding The Best Location

Whether you own your company or work for someone else, each company has a branding aesthetic they stand for.  Some companies are business professionals such as banks, doctors, lawyers, etc.  In this case, it would be best to get your headshots in a studio with a plain background to give you more of a professional look.  

Other companies have a more business casual atmosphere and are more relaxed and want their clients to feel friendly towards them and build trust.  A few examples might be small business owners, realtors, artists, etc.  Their branding and company aesthetic are geared toward their customers and clients, gaining trust by getting to know them personally.  For this business type, headshots might be great to do outdoors, at your workplace, or photos of doing your daily work.

2. What To Wear

Now that you know whether your company branding is geared towards high professionalism or more casual, this can help you understand what to wear.

Business Profession:  Business formals

Business Casual: Typically, people wear more business casual clothing.  Think about what you would wear to a client meeting.  It needs to be something that represents you and your personality, professional and high quality, so that people look and still feel ok investing in you and your business. 

The best colors are best to be decided once you know the location and company colors.  You will want something that separates you from the background without competing with your skin tone.  Your photographer will typically offer guidance on the best colors to wear. 

3. Photo Usage

Will it be for business cards, email signatures, website photos, social media, marketing material, posters, billboards, and decals?  

Letting your photographer know the usage can be instrumental in getting a gallery that best fits your needs.  We can help you decide the orientation or the photos, how close up or far away you place yourself, the facial expressions and poses that would best fit the use, and so much more.  It can also help them create your custom package that best fits what you are looking for.

These 3 tips will help you get a headshot in Springfield MO, that you are proud to show off and represent you in your business.

Springfield MO headshot photographer captures professional headshot of woman smiling

Are you a business professional looking for branding photos or headshots in Springfield, MO, with a more business casual aesthetic?

I have helped hundreds of business professionals like you create photos that connect you with your clients, build trust and create photos you are proud of. Get in touch HERE to see how I can help you create a fun, casual headshot session that represents you and your business.

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