Photographer In Overland Park Shares Everything Expecting Parents Need To Know About Photography Sessions

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As a maternity, newborn, and family photographer in Overland Park, I ask many questions from expecting parents! Here are 7 of the most common questions I received about documenting this particular time of your life. 

When is the best time to have your maternity photo session in Overland Park?

As a photographer in Overland Park, I suggest having your maternity session if you have one baby between 29-34 weeks. If you are expecting multiples, I will often photograph them earlier, depending on several factors of their pregnancy. 

I suggest that time frame because most mamas haven’t hit the uncomfortable stage of the end of their pregnancy, making it easier for them to move around. There is minor swelling and a big bonus. The later you wait, the more likely you may miss your session due to the early arrival of your little one! 

But that means connecting with your photographer of choice early in your 2nd trimester so you can get on their schedule!

Who should I include in my maternity session?

I love including partners and often mama’s other kids (if this is not their first child).  It is such a significant milestone for everyone involved, and can what better way to celebrate together than by creating a unique experience for your whole family to enjoy! And photos to capture the adventure.

Springfield MO maternity photographer capture pregnant mom laying in field

When is the best time to get newborn photos in Overland Park?

Depending on the style of newborn photography you choose will vary what the recommended time to get newborn photos. I recommend talking to your photographer in Overland Park to get their best recommendation. For lifestyle newborn photos, they can occur anytime between birth and 3 months of age to still capture all of their adorable tiny features. On average, I photograph most newborns about 4 weeks of age. 

Should I have a lifestyle or posed newborn session? 

Both are excellent options, and it is a personal preference. For me, I prefer a lifestyle approach, and it is the style I offer. Lifestyle means there aren’t any props, backdrops, or unnatural poses. Instead, I capture families together enjoying time with their newborns naturally and authentically. I find this to be meaningful because years later, you will be able to look back and remember these exact moments and memories of everyday things you did with your baby in this stage. 

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What should I wear to my photography sessions?

As an Overland Park photographer, I have helped hundreds of people choose what to wear for their photography sessions. My top suggestion is to ask your photographer! Every photographer has their preferences of color palette to wear, but some standard “rules” or go-to tips is

  • Coordinate, don’t match
  • Add texture and layers for more visual interest
  • Wear clothes that allow movement

Looking for a photographer to remove all the stress of choosing what to wear? I help all of my clients with styling to ensure they feel confident and beautiful and match the location and vibe of the session. I even offer a motherhood client closet, so mamas don’t have to worry about what to wear! You can find 5 Best Things For Mom To Wear To Their Photo Session By Kansas City Professional Photographer Blog Post HERE

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How often should I book an Overland park photographer for my baby’s milestone sessions?

The most common is hiring a photographer for maternity and newborn sessions and milestone sessions during your baby’s first year, depending on the parent’s preferences.

I offer these options to clients who are part of my Bump to Baby membership. It is a membership for expectant parents who want to miss a moment! You will receive discounts and perks when bundling multiple sessions. For more information, click HERE.

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Where do you recommend having my maternity, newborn, and milestone photography sessions?

Maternity: I love having sessions outdoors the most, but many mamas enjoy having their maternity session in the baby’s nursery or a studio.

Newborns: We will make it easy and memorable whether you have your session in the studio or the comfort of your home. 

Milestone sessions:  I suggest doing it where your family spends the most time during that particular milestone! Most of my clients mix up the locations of their milestone sessions throughout their baby’s first year based on the season. During the warmer months, most of my family choose to have sessions outdoors in unique and beautiful locations capturing each stage of their baby’s life. Many families will have sessions in their homes or studios to keep their babies warm during the colder months.

Are you an expecting parent looking for a maternity, newborn, or family photographer in Overland Park

Hello! I am a professional photographer specializing in capturing expecting parents from pregnancy through their baby’s first year. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfit location to planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from! For more information, click HERE.

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