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Branson MO family photographer captures family laying down cuddling

As a Branson, MO family photographer, one of my favorite parts of sessions is creating a custom creative photo session for you! There’s no need to be stuck in a rut regarding family photos.  With some creativity and a little help from your photographer, we can come up with the best session for your family that your family will love! 

5 creative ideas for your next family photography session by Branson Mo Family Photographer

couple laughing on air matress on Stockton lake Captured by Springfield MO family photographer Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography

1. Have a themed session time

Themed session can be fun but take early planning.  There are so many themed session ideas that don’t have to be cheesy but represent your family’s story and life in this season!  My advice is to find a time of year or activity your family enjoys. 

A few ideas are sunflower sessions, life on the farm, creek or lake sessions, your family’s hiking trail, and your favorite Christmas traditions of making cookies or setting up your Christmas tree. 

Springfield Mo family photographer captures drone portrait of family cuddling in open field

2. Drone photos

Drones offer a new perspective for taking family photos. Drone portraits give everyone in the family a chance to be in the picture from an interesting angle to capture memories.  Drone photography is perfect for family photo shoots because it offers many possibilities. Drones can fly high in the sky or low to the ground, providing different perspectives for each shot. BONUS, I offer a drone portrait add-on to all full sessions with me!

family pictures in Springfield Mo of family sitting on rock together at sunset

3. Fun locations

 As a Branson, MO family photographer, I have found many fun places in the Branson Area. Whether your family photography session is on the lake, on a beautiful lookout, in the depths of hiking trails, or so many other options! I help every client find the perfect location for their family!

professional family photographer in Springfield MO captures mom and baby girl standing in field at sunset

4. Unique styling

One way to add a unique touch to your family photos is to have unique styling for your whole family!

Styling is one of the most important elements of images that bring mood, personality, and visual interest to your family’s photos. 

As a Branson, MO family photographer, I help every client find the perfect outfits for their family! Whether we facetime to go through closets together, I help finalize outfits you already have picked as options, or if you want a completely hands-off approach where I will find links in your family’s style and budget for you to purchase your session.  BONUS, I have a complimentary motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from!

Are you looking for a Branson, MO family photographer?

Hey, I’m Jessica, and I would love to be your family photographer! I believe every family session should be relaxed and fun while I capture your family enjoying spending time together. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfits, location, planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from. For more information, click HERE.

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