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A birthing center in Springfield, MO, is a facility where women can go to receive care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Birthing centers offer many of the same services as hospitals, but they tend to be smaller and have a more intimate atmosphere for women who want a more natural birth experience. 

Why use a Springfield MO birthing center?

There are many places to give birth in Springfield MO- whether you choose a birthing center or a hospital with the help of a Cox OBGYN or Mercy OBYN. Birthing centers offer many benefits for mothers who prefer a more relaxed, natural approach.

Birthing centers often 

  • provide a more relaxed and intimate environment than a hospital, which can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • with a smaller staff-to-patient ratio. This can create a more personalized experience for the mother and her support team.
  • More natural and home-like environment for mothers who are giving birth.
  • They typically use fewer interventions than hospitals, such as epidurals and inductions
  • the staff is trained to provide emotional and physical support to the mother during labor. 
  • Offer various services and support, such as breastfeeding education and support, postpartum care, and parenting classes
  • birthing centers typically have lower cesarean rates than hospitals, which can lead to better health outcomes for both mother and child.
  • It can also help reduce childbirth costs, as they often have lower rates than hospitals.
Springfield MO family photographer captures pregnant mom and daughter playing on the way to an indoor playground in Springfield MO

Family Birth and Wellness- The top recommended birthing center in Springfield MO

Family Birth and Wellness has a reputation for providing exceptional care, being extremely knowledgeable, eager to offer support at any level the woman requests, and being friendly, understanding, and compassionate.

Moms appreciated not feeling compelled to choose a certain delivery method while still being aware of their medical condition. Throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, their entire staff will collaborate to ensure that you feel cared for, at ease, and looked after. Even the possibility of getting approval for home births is available to locals.

According to their patient Savannah, “They have the friendliest bedside manner. The staff is highly sympathetic and informed. They bless all those who get to be in their care!”

What services do Family Birth and Wellness in Springfield, MO, offer?

The services provided by Family Birth and Wellness include prenatal, birth, and postpartum care, newborn care, breastfeeding support, annual gynecological exams, well-woman care, hormone testing and treatment, fertility care, childbirth education, healthy living, wellness classes, and support for postpartum and mental health.

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What is Family Birth and Wellness in Springfield, MO philosophy?

Family Birth and Wellness adheres to the principle of delivering individualized healthcare based on your needs and choices. They will give you the attention you deserve, get to know you and your body, and tailor the experience to your desires and needs.  

Family Birth and Wellness staff “use the best research and extensive clinical expertise to drive decision making.” They ensure each patient has the best available information to make medically sound and informed decisions about their health and pregnancy. Instead of only treating symptoms, they emphasize “proactively diagnosing and resolving prospective health concerns.” They support a holistic approach to healthcare, with general wellness and health as the ultimate objectives. “Intervention is sometimes medically necessary, but unnecessary intervention often increases risk. We believe in minimizing unnecessarily invasive procedures while being vigilant of the health and safety of mothers and babies.”

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In conclusion, mothers who want to give birth naturally should consider using a birthing center. The facility is clean and welcoming, and the staff is well-qualified. The birthing center provides a range of services that can make giving birth a positive and memorable experience.

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