Lactation Consultant Kansas City 101: Everything You Need to Know!

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A lactation consultant in Kansas City is an invaluable resource for you and your baby to learn the ups and downs of nursing or pumping.

I have gathered a few of the top frequently asked questions about working with a Kansas City lactation consultant and how they can help you in this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With a Lactation Consultant in Kansas City

What is a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant is a nursing professional in Kansas City who assists new mothers in their breastfeeding journey. They encourage you and help you and your baby learn how to pump or breastfeed effectively. They can help you and your baby has a successful journey by providing answers to your questions, solving problems, and developing a game plan.

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How can working with a lactation consultant in Kansas City help me?

You can get assistance from a Kansas City lactation consultant at any point during your breastfeeding and/or pumping journey, including during pregnancy, after delivery, and anytime challenges may arise.

During your pregnancy- Lactation consultants assist you in understanding what to anticipate during your pregnancy and provide answers to common queries that many first-time mothers have.

Following delivery- a lactation consultant will often work with you to get you started on this path in many birthing facilities and hospitals. They can teach you how to hold your child, how to latch when to feed them, and much more right from the start.

When you encounter new infant challenges along the way- It can also be good to keep meeting with one at any time you run into any new baby challenges, such as

  • insufficient milk supply
  • trouble hitting weight milestones
  • finding a comfortable nursing position
  • baby refusing to breastfeed
  • cluster feeding sessions that leave moms struggling
  • breast or nipple pain, engorgement
  • baby falling asleep at the breast
  • emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding, such as postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety

Lactation consultants provide new mothers with peace of mind as they navigate pumping and nursing by answering questions, offering guidance, and assisting with any issues that may arise. They work with you to develop a strategy to guide you through this new journey and provide specific instructions to meet you and your infant where you are at. They offer assistance with a wide range of topics, including positions, latching, pumping sizes, how to pump or breastfeed, and much more.

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What happens at an appointment with a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant will inquire about your health, the health of your baby, your pregnancy and delivery, the baby’s weight fluctuations since birth, and your family’s medical history. They will inquire about your daily diapering schedule and ask general questions to assess how best to assist you and allow you to ask any questions and learn about any difficulties you might have already encountered. They will watch you either pump or nurse your infant so they can better assess your situation. If you are nursing, they will watch how you and your baby interact, check your breasts and nipples, and offer positioning assistance. Your baby’s latch, swallowing, and breathing patterns will all be examined. Additionally, they will address any issues that be present.

What do I need to bring to your lactation consultant appointment?

You will bring your baby and any pumping equipment you are currently using.  Depending on who you are working with, they may ask you to get a few additional items.

Can a Kansas City lactation consultant diagnose tongue tie, lip tie, or thrush?

Some lactation consultants can diagnose tongue ties, lip ties, or thrush. They will likely refer you to your or your baby’s doctors to get proper treatment for any of these challenges. 

Can a lactation consultant teach me how to increase my milk supply?

Yes!  They can provide education on how to increase milk supply for breastfeeding and pumping and can help address any issues you may be running into.  Many lactation consultants will send you home with step-by-step instructions on what to do to help you.

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Where can I find a lactation consultant in Kansas City?

Kansas City offers a variety of businesses that have lactation consultants. A few of the top Recommended places you can find a lactation consultant is:

  • Heavensent Support– Heavensent support offers lactation consultations in the comfort of your home and virtual visit.
  • Done Naturally– Done naturally offers lactation consultation services in your home and phone consultations.
  • Nurture Lactation KC– Nurture Lactation KC offers in-home, virtual, and clinic consultants for nursing mothers. What sets them apart from other lactation consultant services is they offer classes, courses, support groups, and more! 
  • Nourish well– Nourish well offers lactation consultations in your home. They provide a unique perspective to their clients, combining their lactation expertise and dietician needs. They have dual credentials as an I.B.C.L.C. and Registered Dietitian, which gives them a deeper understanding of how nutrition and hormones can impact lactation and assess your diet for any patterns that might affect lactation. It is within their scope to recommend changes or supplements to support lactation. They also offer prenatal lactation and nutrition classes. 
  • The hospital or birthing center you deliver at often provides lactation consultant services.
  • Doulas in Kansas City can also help with breastfeeding support. 

In conclusion, a Kansas City lactation consultant is an excellent resource for new mothers. They can help with latch issues, milk supply, and any other breastfeeding questions or concerns. If you have difficulty breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to contact a lactation consultant for help.

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