Top 10 Photos Every Expecting Parent Should Have Captured During Their Lifestyle Photography in Kansas City

lifestyle photographer in kansas city captures pregnant mom standing in a field at sunset

Lifestyle photography in Kansas City is a popular form of photography that focuses on capturing everyday moments and activities in natural settings.

As a lifestyle photographer specializing in capturing growing families from pregnancy through your baby’s first year, I know that a lifestyle photography session is not only a memorable way to capture your family’s session, it is also a unique way to be able to feel the love and joy you feel during this special time.

Top 10 photos every expecting parent should have captured during their lifestyle photography in Kansas City

maternity photographer in Kansas City Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography captures pregnant mom standing in field with storm rolling in

1. Pregnancy Announcement

Your pregnancy is such a big moment, and whether it’s your partner, parent, or kids, it is such a big moment to tell them about your growing family.  Capturing their reaction during a lifestyle photography session in Kansas City can be a great experience to look back on year after year. 

Couple hugging with pink paint on shirt during gender reveal in Kansas City

2. Gender Reveal

Gender reveal photos in Kansas City are such a fun way to capture the exciting news of finding your baby’s gender assigned at birth. Whether you and your partner or all of your extended family, these are such emotive times to capture your reaction. 

pregnant mom in Springfield Mo kneeling in field of wildflowers at sunset captured by Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography

3. Connecting with your baby during pregnancy

In my opinion, maternity sessions in Kansas City are one of the most important sessions for expecting parents. It is a time for you to connect with your unborn baby and your growing family and celebrate this exciting milestone in your life. It is a time for you to take a break from the hustle of preparing for your baby to relax, be pampered, have fun and connect with your baby during your pregnancy.

pregnant couple cuddling in open field at sunset captured by maternity photographer in kansas City

4. Momma and partner during pregnancy

Taking maternity photos with your partner is a chance to celebrate your love and your family’s journey. The growing family you have created can be unique and something you treasure for a lifetime.

drone maternity picture in Kansas City of pregnant mom and child laying on lakeside beach

5. Entire family celebrating pregnancy during pregnancy

If you have older children having a lifestyle maternity photography session in Kansas City with your whole family can be an excellent way for your family to relax, have fun and celebrate together before all the changes that come with having a new member of your family enter your family. This can also be a sweet way to capture your Littles loving on your bump. As a lifestyle photographer in Kansas City, I have seen families light up seeing their children talk and give kisses and love to their little siblings in their belly. 

Springfield MO family photographer captures family cuddling up looking at new baby

6. Lifestyle newborn session in the nursery

Capturing newborn Lifestyle photography in Kansas City can be one of the most memorable ways to capture your little one. Spending time with your newborn as you rock, sing, and love on your little one in the nursery you worked so hard on can be such a great way to capture not only the memories of your babies but the memory of getting the nursery ready before your little one arrives.  

Kansas City baby Photographer Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography captures new mom holding baby while sitting on window seat

7. Lifestyle newborn session rocking baby

Parents often spend so much time rocking their little ones, whether to calm them, get them to sleep, feed them, or hang out together. Capturing photos in your go-to spot where you spend so much of your day can be beautiful lifestyle newborn photos at your home in Kansas City

Springfield MO photographer captures motherhood session of mom breastfeeding baby in a field

8. Feeding baby

Whether you decide to breastfeed, pumping, formula, or tube feed your baby, newborns eat around the clock, and it can be unique capturing lifestyle photography in Kansas City of a snippet of that part of your day. 

lifestyle photo in Kansas City of baby boy sitting in grass with parents

9. Milestone lifestyle photography session in Kansas City

As a lifestyle photographer in Kansas City specializing in capturing growing families from pregnancy through your baby’s first year, capturing monthly or quarterly milestones of all the changes your baby is making can be fantastic to capture your baby’s growth as their personality shines more and more.

By being part of my Bump to baby membership, clients can bundle as many sessions as they choose to capture their baby milestones, whether you capture these milestones in the comfort of your home as you do all of your baby’s favorite things or outdoors as you enjoy the gorgeous locations in the Kansas City area capturing your sweet family creating memories.

Springfield MO photographer captures baby milestone session of mom and baby standing in open field in Springfield Mo

10. Motherhood session

As a mom and photographer who captures hundreds of motherhood sessions a year, having a motherhood session dedicated to capturing your special relationship with your baby are one of the best sessions, you can have as a parent and a session your baby will cherish as an adult.

The way I capture motherhood sessions is different, in-depth, and memorable than any other sessions I do because it is purely lifestyle photos with your baby. We first chat about what makes you both you. What you do, love, play, and enjoy together. Then at our session, we do precisely that! Ellie, a first-time mom who had a motherhood session with me, said, “

Lifestyle photography in Kansas City for expecting parents is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your family. It captures your family’s memories, your love, and your story.

Are you an expecting parent looking for a lifestyle photographer in Kansas City?

 Hello! I am a lifestyle photographer serving Kansas City specializing in capturing expecting parents from pregnancy through your baby’s first year. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfit, location, planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from!  Whether you are looking for an individual maternity session or a bundle of maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions, I have something for you! Click HERE for more information on working together.

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