Top 3 Things Expecting Parents Should Know Before Hiring A Photographer In Olathe KS

photographer in Olathe KS captures newborn girl sleeping on moms hand

These are the top 3 things you should know before hiring a photographer in Olathe KS, for your maternity or newborn session. When expecting parents discover, they will be parents, their minds turn to everything they’ll need for their newborn child. Among those items are a crib, bassinet, and car seat. But what about the parent’s memories of their growing family? As expecting parents, you know that capturing the special moments and memories of your pregnancy and growing family is important. A photographer in Olathe, KS can help make those moments last forever by capturing them in photographs. 

Here are 3 things expecting parents should know before hiring a photographer in Olathe KS:

newborn pictures in Kansas City of family smiling down on newborn baby

1. Hiring a photographer in Olathe KS, with experience is crucial!

I know we all can count a ton of photographers we know or hear of, but maternity and newborn sessions are a delicate types of sessions that requires experience. 

  1. You will never get these moments back. There are no substitutes or redos. These moments are one of the most important moments of your family’s lives, and as long as pregnancy and the newborn stage can feel, it is so quick.  Hiring an experienced photographer in Olathe KS that understands how beautiful and memorable this time is and can guide you through the process seamlessly while capturing your family’s authentic story will be something you will never regret!
  2. Whether you are looking for a maternity, newborn, milestone photographer, or all the above, an experienced photographer is an absolute must for safety! This is a delicate time not only for you but for your baby, and you want to hire a photographer who can safely guide you and your little one.
  3. Experienced photographers know how to capture natural expressions and will be able to get amazing, unique shots of your new family member without having to resort to staged poses or props. They will be able to capture meaningful moments that you and your baby will pass down for generations.
Kansas City maternity photographer captures pregnant couple kissing during lifestyle photography in Kansas City

2. Finding a photographer that makes the session easy, memorable, fun, and authentic to you

One of the most common things parents overlook when deciding on a photographer is how well the photographer will create a session that is easy, memorable, fun, and authentic to you.  Each photographer you find will have a different approach, so it will be important to find one that is best for you!  My clients come to me for my one-on-one help with everything from finding the perfect location, styling, planning, preparation, and more.  They also know I cater their session down to the moment and poses to make each interaction easy, fun, and meaningful for you each time you look back at these photos.

drone photo of pregnant couple cuddling on the ground captured by Kansas City maternity photographer

3. When you should book and have you have your sessions?

I suggest booking your sessions as early as possible! Most of my clients book their sessions once they have their 2nd trimester to ensure they have a spot with their choice of photographer and date options that work with your schedule.

As for when to have your session, that depends on what type of session you are looking for. This is what I suggest to my clients 

  1. Maternity: When you are between 29-34 weeks.  If you are pregnant with multiples, I often will suggest in the earlier part of that range or a week or 2 earlier due to the known risk of inducing early
  2. Newborns:  Anytime between birth to 6 weeks is common, but really any time after you are home and comfortable is perfect. Most of my clients will have their newborn session when their baby is between 7-14 days if possible.
  3. Milestones:  Have you thought about booking professional milestone sessions?  Those cute monthly photos are circling the internet these last few years where parents take photos of their baby in the same spot each month, but professional milestone sessions are perfect for families who want professional documentation of their baby’s growth from maternity to your baby’s first year. Most of my clients choose to have milestones sessions every 3-6 months.  Your baby will grow so much in that short time, and you will LOVE having milestone photos to see how much your baby has grown that first year.  After that first year, I typically suggest every 6 months to a year of milestones or combining those milestones with your family’s favorite holiday-themed sessions. BONUS! I have a Bump To Baby membership that gives you exclusive perks and discounts when bundling multiple sessions. 
Springfield MO photographer captures baby milestone session of mom and baby standing in open field in Springfield Mo

Are you an expecting parent looking for a photographer in Olathe, KS?

 Hello! I am a professional photographer serving Olathe Ks who specializes in capturing expecting parents from pregnancy through your baby’s first year. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfit, location, planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from!  Whether you are looking for an individual session or a bundle of maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions, I have something for you! Click HERE for more information on working together.

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