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Springfield MO maternity photographer captures pregnant mom standing in field at sunset

After working with over 1200+ clients offering maternity professional photography in Branson, MO, I have helped hundreds of pregnant moms find what to wear in maternity photos.  Maternity photos are a beautiful way to document your body’s changes during pregnancy. While you want to look beautiful in your photos, you also want to be comfortable. 

Here are five maternity outfit tips that will help you feel gorgeous and comfortable during your photo session that will also photograph well!

Springfield MO maternity photographer captures pregnant mom in robe laying on bed

Choosing outfits that are flattering for your silhouette

After working with hundreds of local moms offering professional photography in Branson MO, the best tip I have is to choose outfits that will flatter your silhouette. You want to wear an outfit that will give you the most flattering silhouette for your maternity photos. So here is what to look for:

  • A dress/top is tight up top, meaning that it is tight in the chest area allowing your shape to be seen more with your bump.
  • If you choose not to show your bare belly, choose a dress or skirt that flares out starting just above the belly. You don’t want it to be tight underneath the belly.  Flowy skirts allow visual interest and comfort as you move around throughout your session without worrying about what might show.  This will not only be more flattering in photos but will allow movement creating more visual interest. BONUS if it has a slit!  Slits help with bringing shape without needing to go shorter in length.
  • The length should be to the floor. It creates a more romantic and flowy look and will be more flattering in 2d. 
  • Bonus:  An off-the-shoulder top offers an even more romantic look while accentuating your neckline for more intimacy and connection while showing off your silhouette even more.  
pregnant mom outdoors at night during Springfield MO family photography session

Choosing the right colors for your professional photography session in Branson

Every photographer has a preference for color, so ask your photographer what color will best fit the location, the photographer’s editing styling, and the season. 

As a general rule of thumb, light to medium colors looks best for pregnant moms.  The darker colors hide your bump.  

pregnant couple cuddling in maternity photography studio in Springfield MO

What fabric should you wear for maternity photos in Branson?

This is something that gets overlooked when moms are planning maternity photos. Fabric is quite essential! When you wear stiff cotton, it tends to wrinkle easily and doesn’t flow well. The second material to avoid is elastic, which forms your entire body. If you wear a bra, you can see all the bumps on your back and side because it reveals them all.

Now onto fabrics that I would recommend!

  • gauze or crepe fabrics are amazing
  • soft cotton
  • Polyester has a great flow
  • Rayon also photographs well 
  • chiffon material over a lined dress
  • lace
Springfield MO maternity photographer capture pregnant mom laying in field

Be Careful With Patterns

Solid colors and dresses with some texture are always a good choice (like lace or crepe fabrics). But patterns can also be quite beautiful. Just make sure to select the right one.  A design that is too small might be overly cluttered and does not photograph well. However, if you choose large patterns, they can be unflattering.

Additionally, you want to ensure that there is only a slight contrast between the color of the dress and the colors in the pattern. For instance, there would be too much contrast if a white dress had a dark design. However, a delicate and lovely pattern in cream would contrast well with a garment that was a dusty rose in color.

maternity photo in Springfield MO of pregnant mom in floral dress in field

Dress for the Season

When choosing what to wear for your pregnancy photos, consider the weather. Choose a more breathable fabric if it’s going to be hot outside. If it’s going to be chilly, look for a dress with long sleeves or layer with a thick cardigan to wear over the top. Chunky knits are fantastic because you can wear them off your shoulders and look stunning while getting warm and cozy between shots.

pregnant mom kneeling in field captured by Springfield MO maternity photographer Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography

Avoid Matching Your Partner/Family

You should coordinate but not match when picking what to wear with your partner or family. If your colors are the same, you will blend into each other, and it will be hard to see the separation. The same goes for anyone in your family. We don’t want anyone blending into each other.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of what to wear for your maternity photo session, but remember that I am always here to help! When you book a session, you gain access to my client closet, send my styling guide, and one on one styling help to find the perfect outfits!

pregnant couple cuddling in field captured by Springfield MO maternity photographer Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photoraphy


Hello! I am a professional photographer specializing in capturing expecting parents from pregnancy through their baby’s first year. From finding the perfect outfit location to planning, preparation, and more, I help with it all! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from! For more information, click HERE.

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