#1 Guide To Find The Perfect Baby Photography In Springfield MO

baby photographer in Springfield MO captures mom holding newborn baby while sitting on window bench

Are you looking for a baby photographer in Springfield MO but don’t know who the best one is? As a photographer, I have found that there is one for EVERYONE.  Each photographer has their specialty, style, vision, experience, and personality that is perfect for their clientele.

5 things to look for so you can find your soulmate baby photographer in Springfield MO:

1. Specialty

Find someone who specializes in the type of session you are looking for.  If you are looking for a baby photographer, I suggest finding someone that specializes in newborn or family photography and typically shoots young families.  That way, you are confident that they will be understanding and accommodating to you and your baby’s needs

mom holding newborn baby after natural birth in Kansas City

2. Editing style

When you scroll through Pinterest, are you drawn to bright and airy, dark and moody, true to life, or vibrant and colorful?  Every photographer has their editing style and deciding which editing style you dream of looking at on your walls or albums is typically the #1 step to deciding the perfect baby photographer for you.

3. Shooting Style

Do you prefer standing and smiling or candid photos?  Scroll through a few photographers on Instagram and see if their feed shows the type of photos you are looking for.

4. Experience

For this one, I don’t actually mean the amount of time they have been a photographer.  Rather than the experience, they offer to their clients.  Do they offer to add on services that are important to you?  Finding a photographer that will be there to help you every step of the way is so important in creating a relaxing experience.  You can typically find what they offer on their website so check it out!

Springfield MO newborn photographer captures family cuddling after visiting mercy pediatrician in Springfield MO

5. Vision

An important thing to ask yourself when deciding on your baby photographer is whether you can picture yourself and your baby in their photos.  Do you like what you see?  Photographers naturally have a certain eye and vision for photos.  Although they can typically adapt to clients’ vision, it is helpful to know whether your vision naturally aligns with what your photographer already produces.

6. Personality

Before becoming a photographer, I never thought about my photographer’s personality being a deciding factor.  As I have photographed over 1000 families throughout my career, I have found that the happiest clients are the ones with whom we have complementary personalities.  That means I have an adventurous heart, and I often use that part of my personality to suggest locations that may be a bit more adventurous and fun for the kids. I also LOVE playing with kids and have so much fun dancing, singing, and playing games with clients’ families to get the kids to smile and laugh. Both are PERFECT for clients with outgoing kids who love to play and have fun and looking for more candid photos where the kids are having fun vs. sitting still.  One way to determine if your photographer has a complimentary personality is to check their social media accounts.  Within a few seconds, you can typically see their vibe.  Are they someone you can see yourself wanting to work with?

7. Price Point and Payment Plans

The last thing for me to check is the price point.  I look at this last because I know if I found a photographer that I trust with my family and my vision and who offers an experience and photos I know I will love for the rest of my life… that to me is priceless. But each photographer has their set price point and different payment plans that make any photographer a perfect match for you.

baby photographer in Springfield MO captures family cuddling and looking down at infant girl

Are you looking for a newborn and milestone photographer in Springfield, MO?

Hey, I’m Jessica, a maternity, newborn, and family photographer specializing in capturing families from pregnancy to your baby’s first year. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfits, location, planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet as well as a Bump To Baby Membership for exclusive discounts and perks for bundling multiple sessions. For more information, click HERE.

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