7 Best Things About Having A Lifestyle In Home Newborn Session By Overland Park Newborn Photographer

Overland Park newborn photographer captures baby smiling in parents arms as they baby sleeps

As an Overland Park newborn photographer, I specialize in capturing easy and relaxed in-home newborn sessions that are family centered. As an expecting parent, I know it can be hard to know what the best photographer for your baby is!  Here are 7 reasons why having an in-home newborn session may be perfect for your family!

7 best things about having a lifestyle in-home newborn session by Overland Park newborn photographer

newborn pictures in kansas city of big sister holding newborn baby

1. Moments captured in the place you spend the most time

Most new parents spend most of their time at home those first few weeks or months to accommodate their little one’s sleeping schedule and find a new routine.

During your in-home lifestyle newborn session, I can capture those special memories with your little one that you do daily- rocking your little one to sleep, doing the rock “dance/ jiggle” to soothe your baby, curling up on the couch as you stare into those sweet baby blues.

Your family-centered newborn session is about capturing those sweet tiny moments that make up this current stage of life, all in the comfort of your home!

2. Convenience

Having an in-home newborn session is convenient! No more packing an overflowing diaper bag, adjusting naps, and feeding schedules. I come to your home, spend a few minutes helping you finalize whatever details you need help with, and we enjoy the time together.

One thing I hear often is, “but it’s not convenient to have to clean up while caring for a newborn!” You don’t have to worry about that with me. I am there for you, and we will move whatever we need. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up at all!

kansas city newborn photographer captures newborn family sitting on floor cudding newborn baby and toddler

3. In-home lifestyle newborn sessions are more meaningful

Capturing moments of your whole family together in the place you call home and making memories much more meaningful! My goal as your photographer is to capture your baby’s life and first moments together just the way they occur. 

4. Able to better remember this time and pass those memories on to your little one

I have an experiment for you. I want you to think about a photo you’ve taken in the past of you experiencing life. Now I want you to think of a photo someone just had you say cheese. Which is more meaningful to you? The one with the experience is attached! It was a moment of your life captured that had meaning. And now, with lifestyle in-home photos, you can pass on these experiences and memories to your baby. 

newborn pictures in Kansas City of family smiling down on newborn baby

5. Easier on healing parent

Childbirth can be complex, and some moms cannot drive after due to medications and the healing process. Having photos in the comfort of your home relieves all of those pressures! 

6. These sessions can take less time

Sleep is a precious commodity in those first few weeks. Having a session in your home helps you combine still getting the memories without taking a whole day to prepare, pack up, go, drive home and unpack. I will bring it all to you!

Springfield MO newborn photographer captures sleeping baby boy captured by The XO Photography Jessica Kennedy

7. Able to plan the details once I get there

Some parents love finalizing all the details during the booking process, which is perfectly ok! I will help with everything. Others prefer not to worry about it at all. For the parents who prefer the not worry about it approach, I have you covered! I’ll bring some of my one-size motherhood outfit options for you to see and a few newborn wraps. We can pick outfits from closets once I get there, and I can help you in person. Whatever way you choose, I offer one-on-one help with everything from planning, preparation, finding the perfect outfits, and more! 

Are you an expecting parent looking for an Overland Park newborn photographer?

Hello! I am a newborn photographer serving Overland Park, specializing in capturing expecting parents from pregnancy through your baby’s first year. I help with everything from finding the perfect outfit, location, planning, preparation, and more! I even have a motherhood client closet you are welcome to borrow from!  Whether you are looking for an individual newborn session or a bundle of maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions, I have something for you! Click HERE to get more information on working together.

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