Top 5 FAQ Answered About Working With A Doula In Springfield MO

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I had the opportunity to interview the top-recommended postpartum doula in Springfield MO, Kaylen King from Flourish Family Doulas, to get more information for expanding and new parents on how they can help you in this exciting new journey.

I surveyed expecting and seasoned parents about what questions they had working with doulas in Springfield, MO. I have requested Kaylen to answer the top frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision on whether working with a doula is suitable for you and your family.

Top FAQ About Working With A Doula In Springfield MO

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1. What do doulas in Springfield MO do?

Kaylen says, “Doulas are non-medical support people that help you navigate pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.

During pregnancy, we help you connect with your birth wishes, we educate you on what to expect in various birthing situations, and we help you prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for birth and postpartum.

  • During birth, we help you advocate for your birth wishes, provide physical support for pain management, recommend position changes and movements to help labor progress, and keep you grounded emotionally and mentally.
  • During the postpartum period, we provide customized care to help you transition to parenthood. We work closely with families to encourage a peaceful, rested, and nourished newborn period. In-home sessions often include; breastfeeding support, newborn care, an opportunity to rest and shower, mental health support, meal prep, and light housekeeping.”
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2. When should I get a doula in Springfield MO? Should I get one if I want a medicated birth?

“You should start interviewing doulas in your second trimester, so you have plenty of time to build a relationship and get comfortable with one another! We help new parents however they decide to give birth. We always provide you with the information and help you make informed decisions but having a doula if you’re planning on an epidural can help prevent any further interventions!”

3. What is it like working with a doula?

“I can’t say what it’s like working with all doulas, but working with the doulas at Flourish is like being brought into the family. It’s reassuring to know that you have a team of women always on your side. We don’t work for the OB or the Midwife or the Pediatrician; we are there for you. Doulas fill in the gaps in medical care, families, and friend groups. We are the village that new parents need.” 

4. How will my spouse fit in if I have a doula in Springfield MO?

“Partners are a crucial part of our care. We’re here for the whole family, not just the mother. Partners know you best; they know what you like, how to make you laugh, and how to help you feel safe. We help partners feel confident in the birthing space, and they often trade off with us with hip squeezes and head strokes. Doulas in no way, shape, or form replace partners.”

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5. How does the doula help my baby?

“Doulas help babies in many ways. Birth outcomes are more favorable when you have a doula; babies are less likely to be premature or end up in the NICU. Breastfeeding rates increase with doula care, and rates of perinatal mood disorders decrease with doulas. Postpartum doulas also play a huge hands-on role in a baby’s first weeks, helping with breastfeeding and sleep challenges. Doulas are there for the whole family!”

What is the best part of working with Kaylen, a postpartum doula? What is the best way to contact her?

“I am solely focused on your postpartum experience. I want parents to have a sweet, dreamy transition to parenthood where they feel completely held and supported!

Additionally, I am a lactation consultant and yoga instructor and have lots of education on mental health for new mothers making our sessions very well-rounded. I offer daytime and overnight care to a limited amount of clients per month, so you have my full focus and attention. 

Truly though, the best part of working with me is that it’s not just me! My team and I all have different specialties and offer truly full-circle support. Birth doula care, postpartum doula care, lactation support, yoga classes, fun events for new parents, and many specialty services like placenta encapsulation and sealing ceremonies!

You can connect with us at our website, where you can schedule a meet & greet and check out our services. Or connect with us on our Facebook & Instagram accounts! Or email any questions to  

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What people are saying about Kaylen at Flourish Family Doulas?

A few reviews from parents who worked with Kaylen:

“Kaylen is a gift to new mothers. Her presence alone is healing and calming. She went out of her way to ensure I was comfortable breastfeeding my newborn and came to my rescue when I couldn’t calm him. She helped me when I needed help the most and was always just a text away. I don’t know what I would have done without her knowledge and supporting words. I am forever grateful! If you are a new mother and need the help of any kind, please reach out to her!” – Justine C

“Hiring Kaylen as my postpartum doula was the BEST money spent this entire pregnancy and probably my entire life. As someone who thought they had postpartum in the bag, I was so grateful to have Kaylen by my side because I definitely wasn’t and couldn’t have prepared for my experience. Kaylen met with us prior to our birth to go over fears and expectations. She was at the birth center several hours after birth to help.”

I hope this helps as you navigate finding the perfect doula in Springfield MO, for you and your family.

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