6 Most Recommended Fitness Centers in Springfield MO With Childcare

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As a Springfield MO family photographer, I often get asked which one of the fitness centers in Springfield MO with childcare our family goes to. One of the most important things in choosing a fitness centers in Springfield MO is finding a facility that suits your family — including your kids.

Luckily, we have many family-friendly fitness centers in Springfield MO, that offers kids centers for the kids to play while you exercise in their facility.

As a stay-at-home mom, work-from-home mom, and homeschool mom, these Springfield Mo fitness centers have been LIFE CHANGING! Ok… that is a little dramatic, but it helps our whole family feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally when we all exercise, get out of the house, meet up with our friends we have made there, and BONUS it helps everyone get a great night’s sleep!

6 Most Recommended Fitness Centers in Springfield MO With Childcare

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1. Chesterfield Family Center

Chesterfield Family Center has the BEST childcare, in my opinion.  All my kids (who typically don’t like childcare places) LOVED it and loved their childcare workers.  Each time we have gone, they are seasoned parents that love playing with the kids there.  It is very clean, fun, and friendly, and they are great at making kids feel comfortable.  They also take several safety measures to make sure your kids are looked after, and you are the one to pick them up.  

Chesterfield also offers various instructor-led fitness classes, a zero-entry pool with a slide, lap pool, hot tub, steam room, changing rooms, lockers, exercise equipment, track, basketball court, rock climbing, and a room of ping pong and other games.  They also have a party room indoors and an outdoor playground for your kids to enjoy after your workout.

We were members for years and have always had a great experience at Chesterfield.  If you get a membership, you can also access Doling Family Center on the north side of town.

2. Doling Family Center

Doling Family Center is equally as great as Chesterfield Family Center and part of the same program.  They have great child care with amazing staff.  It is clean, fun, and friendly.  

Doling Family Centers offers a variety of instructor-led fitness classes, a zero-entry pool with a slide, a lap pool, a hot tub, changing rooms, lockers, exercise equipment, a basketball court, and a room with ping pong and other games.  It is next door to Doling park which offers walking trails and a playground for kids to play at.

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YMCA is fun because they have SO many options to do!  We went to the YMCA, Pat Jones location. Their daycare is HUGE with so many toys and activities to do.  They also took shifts taking the kids to the basketball court to play games, play on bounce houses, and more. My older kids LOVED it and still beg to go back just to play in their kid’s area.  This was my youngest daughter’s first daycare experience, and she didn’t have as great of luck.  We went in the evening when there was a young staff with lots of kids during the times we went.  They quickly call parents back if the babies aren’t having fun. This is great because you know when your kids are having a hard time, but it can be hard to get your workout in if they don’t quickly acclimate to the changes.

YMCA offers an extensive list of fitness classes throughout the day, equipment areas, walking track, basketball court, racquetball, rock climbing, swimming pool, separate kids pool with a splash area, hot tub, steam room, changing area, lockers, and more!  They also offer many sports, swimming lessons, parents’ night out, and other activities for an additional charge throughout the year.

4. Pure Hot Yoga

Pure Hot Yoga is a very welcoming and accommodating yoga studio in Springfield MO. They offer a variety of classes that are all adaptable for each level in your yogi journey. All of their classes are heated at levels optimal for best results. What sets this studio apart from other studios is its childcare availability. They provide childcare as well for busy parents that would like a moment to themselves as they enjoy their yoga experience. Based on their client reviews, they are known for their adaptable classes, childcare staff, and ease of entry for yogi beginners.

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5. Genesis Health Club

Genesis Health Club has 2 different locations in Springfield and offers a kid club membership for your kids to be entertained while you are exercising.  They have a variety of activities, including games, crafts, movies, books, infant activities, parties, and more.

Genesis Health Club also offers state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers, comprehensive fitness classes, a complete tanning facility, and an expert staff that can help you meet all of your health and fitness goals.  They have a tanning program, wifi, a smoothie bar, child care, an indoor swimming pool, swim lessons, a hot tub, a steam room, and personal trainers to help you on your fitness journey.

6. CrossFit Raw Steel

CrossFit Raw Steel is a local family-owned Crossfit gym that offers childcare during your visit that many parents rave about!  There are 2 adjoining rooms for kids to play and have fun while you participate in the classes.  They also have windows so you can peek in and check on them if needed.

Crossfit Raw Steel offers a variety of classes throughout the day Monday through Friday and 2-morning classes on Saturdays.  They are guided classes with an instructor that helps you through the day’s workout.

There are so many great options of fitness centers in Springfield MO, for you to enjoy your workout while your kids enjoy playing along with many other perks!

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