Top Recommended Salon For Your Kids Haircut In Springfield MO

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Are you ready to find the BEST person to give your kids a haircut in Springfield MO?  

As a mom, it can be a big adventure to get their kids haircuts. You not only want their hair to look GREAT, but you also want to find a stylist who is comfortable accommodating your favorite little ones/ wiggle worms who might be a little anxious or bored during their haircuts.

I surveyed 400 hundred young moms asking their favorite hair stylist for kids, and these were the top 3 recommended!  

Top 3 recommended places to get a kids haircut in Springfield MO

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1. Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids is a salon known for being one of the best places to get a kid’s haircut in Springfield MO.  They have a slide, touch screen play units, tv, From the slide and touch screen play unit, TVs, video games, and fantasy chairs on the cutting floor to keep kids entertained during their wait as well as during their haircut.  Their staff is experienced in cutting children’s hair, including children with special needs and sensory disorders.  

Many moms loved many of the stylists at Cookie Cutters, but the most recommended were Katie and Tamara.  They were both described as loving, patient, great with kids, and providing phenomenal haircuts!

2. Extra Care Hair Co.

Kristen’s salon Extra Care Hair Co. was highly recommended for kids’ haircuts for her personalized experience, calm demeanor, and her ability to work with all kids and parents too!  She is certified to work with people with disabilities and is experienced in working with sensory disorders.  

She describes her salon as “unlike a typical salon, I provide a calm atmosphere where I can customize the experience to fit your individual preferences for hair care. Set in a private studio, my salon is ADA-accessible and service-dog friendly, and I strive to create an experience where an individual is comfortable and treated in a dignified manner. My salon features scent-free products, quiet tools, dimmable lights, and extended appointment times to fit each client’s preferences. Each appointment is preceded by a consultation to build a relationship with the individual and/or caretakers to foster trust and understanding around each person’s individual needs. My goal is to make sure everybody can have a positive salon experience and leave looking and feeling their best.”

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3. Jennings Barber Station

Jennings Barber Station is located on the outskirts of Springfield in Republic, MO. It was highly recommended for the boys in your family.  She is not only great for dads but kids too!  She is caring, quick to keep the kids entertained, and offers great cuts and styles.  Bonus:  Each child that gets a haircut gets a shoulder massage!  Many moms said this was the highlight of their trip. Barber Kate was mentioned several times as everyone’s family favorite from this barbershop.

There are so many great places to get your kids haircuts in Springfield MO. I hope you have the BEST experience no matter who you go to!

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