16 Best Toddler Activities In Springfield MO

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Are you looking for new toddler activities in Springfield MO? Are you and your toddlers getting restless being home? After staying home with kids while working as a Springfield, MO maternity, newborn and family photographer, my kids and I were desperate to get out of the house a few times a week!

We have found so many toddler activities in Springfield MO that are perfect for ANY season, including fun indoor activities, parks, fall activities, swimming holes and more! My kids can’t wait to do it every week for our “field trip” days when we visit new activities around the city. I love how this gives us time to learn about new things, make memories and let my kids explore the world around them in a whole new way!

16 Best Toddler Activities In Springfield MO:

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1. Wonders of Wildlife

One of Springfield MO’s most popular attractions is Wonders of Wildlife. We get passes yearly and enjoy watching the fish, petting the stingrays, and learning about all the animals.

2. Dickerson Park Zoo

We just went there for the first time a few months ago! My kids LOVED it. We picked a gorgeous Tuesday morning when hardly anyone was there. My kids loved to run up and see all of the animals. We even walked the zoo 3 times before they were ready to take a good long nap! They even have a small playground in front of the parking lot. My kids love to take a detour and swing on the swings after seeing the lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my!)

3. Discover Center

Discovery Center is secretly one of my favorite things! Science centers are entertaining for not only the kids but parents too! Between walking on a human-sized hamster wheel, laying on a bed of nails, digging for dinosaurs, finding their shadow, and learning new things, we all had a blast.

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4. Springfield Conservation Nature Center

We recently discovered you can check out a kid’s Discovery bag at the front desk of the nature center. It has activities for kids to do along the way. Our bag had bird calls, binoculars, crayons to discover leaf prints, and so much more! My kids thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. It doubled great as a homeschool field trip for us! They also have kids’ events throughout the year to teach them different things about nature throughout the seasons.

5. Rutledge Wilson Park

This is my daughter’s favorite park, and begs to go at least 3x a week. She loves seeing all the animals and petting them too! All of the animals are so gentle and great for kids of any age.

6. Frisco Trail

Grab your favorite bikes, scooters, wagon, or stroller to enjoy this beautiful trail. It is perfect for the whole family to get some fresh air. My boys love to go on scavenger hunts to look for the best sticks, bugs, and rocks along the path.

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7. Ozark Greenways Trail

The Greenway trail surrounds Springfield and has beautiful trails for biking or walks! We pick a new spot to start every time, but our favorite is near Valley Water Mill. They have a creek nearby you can stop and throw rocks. If it is warm, you can even jump in!


We LOVE the YMCA. They have so much to do to get out of the house. Between the pools, sports, gym, walking trail, exercise class, daycare, play days for kids, events, and more. There is so much to do! They offer day passes or monthly/yearly!

9. Mall

This one is surprisingly fun! My kids love to walk the mall. We walk up and down and at the end go to Auntie Anne for a pretzel! They also have a kids’ indoor playground near the food court for the kids to play in.

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10. Jump Mania

This one is geared for bigger kids, but they have a toddler area that is so much entertaining! I took my 3 toddlers aged 1-5, and they jumped for almost 4 hours before crashing for a nap. It is also great because you get a day pass and can come back! One day we went in the morning to jump before nap time and went back in the evening to play some more.

11. The Jungle Gym

We visited the jungle gym for a birthday party recently. My kids had a blast! They never wanted to leave! They have a sandpit, indoor slide, swings, and many toys for the kids to play in.

12. Springfield Art Museum

Confession… I thought this would be the WORST place to take a toddler until my best friend dragged us there. There are many things to look at, and at the end, there is a little play area for kids.

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13. Bass Pro

My kids love just going in and walking around. They love to look at the aquarium around the store, the infamous bear and looking at all the “cool decor” (as my son calls it).

14. The Library

The library is always enjoyable for the kids to pick out some new books. They also have to take home bags to do crafts at home.

15. Home Depot

Did you ever think Home Depot was on a list for toddler activities? We love going on the first Saturday of the month and picking up the project bags they have for kids! It includes all the supplies you will need for a small project the kids can build at home.

16. Parks

We are so blessed to have so many beautiful parks around town! We were determined to try them all over the summer and tried a new one each week! It was so fun for the kids to play and explore.  Ready to find new parks?  You can find our top 7 favorite parks HERE.

These 16 toddler activities in Springfield MO are so fun for the whole family.

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