Top 5 Swimming Holes In Springfield MO

Springfield Mo photographer captures couple laughing at a swimming holes in Springfield MO

Are you looking for the BEST swimming holes in Springfield MO, for summer fun? Our family went scouting and created a list of our favorite ones!

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is going to a swimming hole to splash around, fish, look for animals, get a tan, and spend time together! I asked my oldest what he remembered most about the memories we made over the summer, and finding local swimming holes was his favorite!

Top 5 Swimming Holes in Springfield MO:

1. Valley Water Mill Creek

There is a section of the valley water mill that you can jump in and swim in. It is slow-moving water, which makes it easy for our toddlers to swim in and clear to the bottom! It is such a gorgeous location and one of my favorite places to pull out a camera to capture our family splashing around. This location is my whole family’s top pick when headed out to swim. Even our (water-hating) dogs loved it!

2. Ritter Springs

If you don’t mind a little walk, you can walk down to their creek near their pond and splash around. Every time we walk, kids are wading and enjoying time with their families! It is shallow, which makes it perfect for all ages.

couples photographer in springfield mo in the lake kissing

3. Peckers Beach

I am shocked this one is not more popular! It has a gorgeous view, a variety of depths for all ages to enjoy swimming, and it was clear to the bottom. We can’t wait to visit again this summer!

4. Jordan Valley Park

For a more city vibe, this one is definitely worth the visit! They have fountains that go off every 30 minutes and a little wading pool for kids to splash in. It is so fun and clean. They also have walking trails and a playground if the kids want to break up their day!

professional photographer in Branson Mo captures pregnant mom and daughter playing by Table Rock Lake

5. Tailewaters Access

I have not swum here, but I have lots of friends that say this is their favorite spot. Their warning is to be careful where you go. Some locations have trash build-up, while others are clear.

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