7 Best Pediatric Dentist In Springfield, MO

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Finding the best pediatric dentists in Springfield, MO, can be a big task, primarily because I’ve found most kids are typically scared of dentists!  

I asked hundreds of local parents their recommendations on the best pediatric dentist in Springfield, MO, and what they loved, and here are the top 7!  They are all known for being great with kids, easing anxiety, and making it a tolerable (and some might say enjoyable!) experience.

Top 7 Recommended Pediatric Dentists in Springfield MO (in order):

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1. Expedition Dentistry and Orthodontics

Expedition Dentistry and Orthodontics in Springfield, MO, was the top-recommended pediatric dentist in Springfield, MO.  Many parents named Dr. Gardner and Dr. Abby from this location, but overall, everyone said all of their staff was amazing. 

They are known for taking the time to answer questions, doing great dentistry work, and being excellent at easing kids’ and parent’s anxiety and worries.  Many parents were grateful that their staff communicated with the parents and talked to the children as well. They would take the time to describe what was happening to the children and walk them through each step at the child’s level. 

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2. Little Grins Dental

Little Grins Dental in Springfield, MO, is known for creating a fun and kid-friendly atmosphere from the moment they enter the door. They have a kid’s indoor playground and arcade in the lobby for the kids to relax and get their wiggles out while waiting for their doctor, then enter a fun-themed exam room with TVs on the ceiling for the kids to enjoy while the dentist works on your child’s teeth. At the end of the visit, each child gets a token to get a prize for doing great work throughout their stay.  

Little Grin’s is known for taking the time to answer questions, never pushing procedures, and educating on each procedure and option that may be possible for your child.  They are also very gentle throughout the exam and talks to each child to educate them on each step the dentist is taking.  Little Grin’s Dr. Craig was mentioned many times in the survey, but all the staff at this location raved about it.

3. The Smile Spot Springfield Dentistry for Kids & Orthodontics

The Smile Spot Springfield Dentistry for Kids & Orthodontics in Springfield, MO, is known for making kids comfortable and excited to return.  They create a fun and easy experience with a patient, calm and friendly staff.  Many parents mentioned how they would make their kids laugh while talking to them throughout the appointment, which helped ease their anxiety.

This is where my kids go for their routine dental appointments, and we have had nothing but a great experience. The first time we went, my kids were 2 and 5, both being very anxious about dental appointments. The staff was so reassuring, and both kids left saying they wanted to be dentists for kids.

4. Arquitt Pediatric Dentistry

Arquitt Pediatric Dentistry is known for genuinely caring about all of its patients, being great with children, and providing excellent dental work from caring staff.  Many parents mentioned how all of the team worked together to create a positive experience for the entire family.

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5. Parkcrest Dental Group

Parkcrest Dental Group in Springfield, MO, is also known for creating a kid-friendly experience from the very beginning.  They have a play area in the waiting room and movies in the exam rooms to keep the kids relaxed throughout their dental appointment.  Many parents mentioned how friendly and kind, and patient all of the staff were.  All of which create an enjoyable experience for kids.  Dr. Scott from Parkcrest Dental was the most mentioned Dr. at this location and is highly regarded for his work and caring personality.  

6. Smile Zone

Smile Zone is known for working with kids with disabilities and creating a positive experience for them.  They are trained to work with children with physical and mental disabilities and do their very best to create a calming and personalized experience for their patients and family. 

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7. Jordan Valley

I went to Jordan Valley Dental Department a few years ago when my daughter fell when she first started walking and broke ¾ of her front tooth.  I was impressed with how great they were with her while she was in pain and was scared of any stranger.  They were great at calming my nerves and easing my worries about handling all current and future procedures she would need, and explaining my options. Ultimately, we left with my daughter and me happy and relieved for how easy the whole experience was.

Overall, all of these pediatric dentists in Springfield, MO, are great options for your family.

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