Top 21 Educational and Fun Attractions in Springfield MO

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Whether you are a homeschooling family looking for a great local field trip or just want a fun family outing that is fun with a good opportunity for your kids to learn a few new fun, this list is for you. These top attractions in Springfield, MO, are educational but can be fun for the whole family!

As a homeschool mom and Springfield MO family photographer, I’m always looking for opportunities to get out of the house but still have a place for the kids to learn fun facts that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  These top 21 attractions in Springfield, MO, were very interesting to learn about, and my kids had so much fun!

Top 21 Education and Fun Attractions in Springfield MO:

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1. Wonders Of Wildlife

Wonders of Wildlife is such a fun way to learn about animals, wildlife worldwide, and their habitats.  They offer a hands-on experience to see thousands of animals with interactive educational opportunities to learn about each of them. We go here weekly and learn so many new things every time we go!

2. Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns is an excellent way to learn about our local caves, the animals that live in them, and their history.  Fantastic Caverns is fun because you can ride in a Jeep as the tour guide teaches your whole family all about what’s around you and can even answer questions!  In the end, there is a fun gift shop that takes a souvenir home to remember this fun adventure.

3. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield offers a unique experience to learn about the Civil War while still exploring the outdoors.  They have a variety of walking trails across the battlefield and an indoor museum to learn even more.

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4. Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo is a great way to learn about many unique animals worldwide. They even offer a way to feed some of them as well!

5. Springfield Art Museum

Springfield Art Museum is perfect for the artist in your family. It offers hundreds of beautiful art pieces from local arts for you to learn from. In the end, they even have a little play area for the kids to play at.

6. Pythian Castle

Pythian Castle was originally built in 1913 as an orphanage by the Knights of Pythias. Later, it was owned by the U.S. Military. This certified haunted castle is a must-see.”.  They host historical tours throughout the day to learn, but they also offer ghost tours, escape rooms, murder mystery dinners, and more that can be fun!  I went on a ghost tour a few years ago. It was a blast!  They talked about the history of the castle and taught about the history of the ghost.

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7. Discovery Center Of Springfield

Discovery Center of Springfield is one of my favorite attractions in Springfield, MO, to visit with my kids.  There is so much to learn!  Between tornados, shadows, space, gravity, dinosaurs, and SO much more, there are new things to discover around every corner.

8. Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden is “The oldest attraction at the Springfield Botanical Gardens, the 7.5 acres, Mizumoto Japanese Stroll garden was created in 1985 and includes a large koi lake, moon bridge, meditation garden, tea house, and traditional Japanese garden landscaping.”  It is a perfect place to learn about nature, local animals, and landscaping.  It is an ideal quiet location to bring a book, coloring books and spend some time together relaxing in nature.

9. Rutledge Wilson Farm Park

Rutledge Wilson Farm Park is our favorite park!  It not only includes a playset for the kids to play at, but there are also farm animals to learn about and pet, walking trails, a pond, and more!  Your family can spend hours here having fun learning about each farm animal, what they eat, how they live, and what life is like on a farm—looking for more fun parks to know about?  Check out the Top 7 Best Parks in Springfield, MO, to see what they have to offer.

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10. Lake Springfield Park and Boathouse

 Lake Springfield is the perfect place to learn about lake life, the history of Lake Springfield and how it is used for our water, how dams are made, fish, and so much more!  It offers a variety of walking trails throughout the large park for you to walk, run, play while answering all of your kid’s questions about the ins and outs of Lake Springfield.  They also offer kayak and canoe rentals if your family enjoys taking your adventures out on the water.

11. Art and Military Museum- Ozarks

The Art and Military Museum- Ozarks is fascinating to learn about our military history.  “Established in 1989, the museum consisted of only one showcase. Growth has been steady, and we’ve acquired over 5,000 pieces of military history. Our projects include vintage aircraft shows at the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, restoration of vintage military equipment, and Museum School, a true history and science program for young students. Last year over three hundred students took part in this program.” 

12. Route 66 Car Museum

“Route 66 Car Museum is a privately owned car collection located along the famed and historic Route 66… Ranging from early brass era cars to vehicles used in cinema such as the Gotham Roadster, this collection is sure to have a vehicle for every museum goer’s taste.”  This museum is a fun way to learn about the history of route 66 and the historic cars they have on display.

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13. NRA National Sporting Arms Museum

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is located inside Bass Pro Shops.  “The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum celebrates the history of hunting, conservation, and freedom. Those who visit the museum can trace the development and evolution of hunting arms in America from pre-colonial times to the present. Museum-goers can expect to see nearly a thousand historically significant firearms.” The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum offers a unique history lesson on hunting, conservation, freedom, and the history of many types of guns.

14. Railroad Historical Museum

“The Railroad Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving the Frisco and other railroad histories. The museum is located at Grant Beach Park, inside four antique train cars… All cars are connected and may be walked through. The museum has artifacts, equipment, photos, paintings, videos, and much more from St. Louis – San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad and other Railroads. There are many hands-on activities for kids and adults.”  Railroad Historical Museum is a great place to learn about the old history Frisco railroad, antique trains, and more!

15. Missouri Sports Hall Of Fame

Missouri Sports Hall Of Fame is a great place to learn about athletes, coaches, teams, and more.  “The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame welcomes you to celebrate the careers of.. sports role models and relive the greatest moments in Missouri sports history. Find your favorite player, coach, or team on our site, or come to the museum where we have 4,000 items of sports memorabilia and hands-on exhibits. You can feel the speed as you race in the NASCAR simulator, hit your home run in the batter’s box against a Major League Baseball pitcher, or throw the winning touchdown pass in our football exhibit.”

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16. Springfield Cardinals

Springfield Cardinals games are one of the highlights of our summer.  Gather up your family and learn about the great game of baseball while watching a Springfield Cardinals game.  Even families who are not all that into baseball can have a blast in the atmosphere and entertainment they provide throughout the game.  I didn’t understand the game for years that I would go but still had so much fun being part of all the raving fans and fun activities they provide for families.

17. Springfield Conservation Nature Center

Springfield Conservation Nature Center is a great place to learn about nature, animals, and the local habitats we have here in the Ozarks.  Head over to their guest building. They have the coolest backpacks you can rent with magnifying glasses, animal calls, paper, and pencils to create nature art and more as you walk the paths through the conservation.

18. Frisco Highline Trail

 Frisco Highline Trail is a perfect place to go on a family scavenger hunt and enjoy the fresh air.  Create a list of fun outdoor things to look for and scout to discover all of the scenery the beautiful outdoors has to offer. You can also learn about fitness or a new skill.  Learn to ride a bike, roller skate, skip, jump, and run. There are so many great things for your family to have fun and learn.

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19. Dog Park

Dog parks are a great way to educate on animal safety and learn a new skill of bonding and teaching your furry friend new tricks.  Here is the top dog park in Springfield, MO.

20. Fitness Centers

Family Fitness Centers are an excellent place for kids to learn about fitness and learn new skills to increase their mobility, flexibility, motor skills, and stamina.  Whether it’s learning to rock climb, play basketball, swim, run, and more, there is always something to learn at Family Fitness Centers.  Here are a few of my favorite fitness center in Springfield MO and the amenities each of them include.

21. Swimming Holes In Springfield, MO

Visiting local creeks in Springfield, MO is a great place to learn about creek habitats, animals, plants, trees, and other wildlife that live in and around them.  It is also a great place to learn and practice swimming!  Here is a list of our top swimming holes in Springfield, MO for your family to enjoy. 

These top 21 educational and fun attractions in Springfield MO are so much fun for the whole family and an excellent opportunity for your family to learn unique information about our local city as well as the world near and far.

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