6 Top Recommended Cox OBGYN in Springfield MO For Pregnant Moms

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As a Springfield MO maternity and newborn photographer, I know finding the right Cox OBGYN in Springfield MO, while you are pregnant can be difficult. Having a baby is such a special, exciting (and kinda nerve-wracking) time in your life and having the right health professional to truth with you and your baby’s health is so important.  

 You want to find someone who will listen, care for, and expect your pregnancy, labor, and delivery wishes while also keeping you and your baby safe throughout this journey.

I surveyed over 4000 women and asked for their recommendations for the best Cox OBGYN in Springfield MO. Although there are so many amazing local doctors, these are the Top 6 Recommended Cox OBGYNs in Springfield MO (in order) based on that survey.

6 Most Recommended Cox OBGYN in Springfield MO For Pregnant Moms:

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1. Dr. Kidder

Dr. Kidder was the top-recommended Cox OBGYN for pregnant women by a landslide. According to the survey, a few things he is known for is being a doctor who listens and shows he cares, is very responsive to all concerns moms have, has a great bedside manner, is very caring, knowledgeable, and calm, and has a good sense of humor. A few mamas even said they would pay out of pocket just to have him as their doctor throughout delivery. Dr. Kidder is highly recommended by every one of his patients that participated in the survey.  

2. Dr. Weis

Dr. Weis was also highly recommended. He is known for his excellent bedside manner, being very knowledgeable as well as his ability to community clearly, listen well and answer any question that may come up during pregnancy.  Many moms expressed how much loved not feeling rushed during their appointments with him.

Dr. Weis was my OBGYN during my 4th pregnancy and I cannot say enough high praise about him. He was by far the best doctor I’ve ever met. He was so kind, great at listening, and went above and beyond to make my pregnancy, labor, and delivery to be as natural as possible (despite the many complications that arose) just as I had hoped!

3. Dr. Scott Ballman

Dr. Scott Ballman is highly recommended, especially by his high-risk patients. He is known for taking the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your pregnancy, helping you make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and delivery.  Bailey, a mom of 4, said in her survey, “he is genuine and overall a great doctor.”  Natalie said in her survey, “does an amazing job with staying in touch, especially during high-risk pregnancies.  My babies would not have made it without him.”

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4. Dr. Duff

Dr. Duff is known for being kind, always having time for all your questions, and genuinely caring about all of her patients.  Many pregnant moms who have gotten pregnant with IVF expressed how well Dr. Duff took extra care and precautions to help them feel at ease while helping make sure everything went well throughout their pregnancy. 

5. Dr. Stamps

Dr. Stamps is known for being one of the “most caring and considerate people I have ever met,” says Katherine, as well as many moms commenting how truly brilliant he is.  One mom said, “he cares for his patients more than anything, and it shows.”

6. Dr. Rice

Dr. Rice is known for making you feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy, being great at your partner in the pregnancy and delivery, having a great personality, and never rushing appointments.  Riley mentioned in her survey, “ Dr. Rice was always thorough with everything and answered every question, even my husband’s.”

All of these Cox OBGYN’s came highly recommended and had so many positive reviews and kind words spoken by their previous patients.

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