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Deciding on whether to have a midwife in Springfield MO to help you during your pregnancy, labor and delivery can be a hard decision.  You only want the best care for you and your baby.  You want to make sure you are taken care of, your unborn baby watched over, and for you both to do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  

There are many benefits to delivering your baby with a midwife

According to American Pregnancy of delivering with a midwife you have…

  • – Decreased risk of needing a cesarean
  • – Reduced rates of labor induction and augmentation
  • – Reduced use of regional anesthesia
  • – Decreased infant mortality rates
  • – Decreased risk of preterm birth
  • – Decreased third and fourth-degree perineal tears
  • – Lower costs for both clients and insurers
  • – Increased chances of having a positive start to breastfeeding
  • – Increased satisfaction with the quality of care 2,3

I surveyed 80 moms who delivered their babies with a midwife, and there were 2 top clinics they recommended.

maternity photographer in Springfield MO captures pregnant mom kneeling in field hugging her belly

1. Family Birth and Wellness

Family Birth and Wellness are known for their excellent level of care, very knowledgeable, willing to provide support at whatever level the mother request, personable, patient, and caring. 

Moms loved being able not to feel pressured regarding their decisions on how they would like to deliver their baby while still knowing their medical status. Their whole staff works together to make you feel cared for, comfortable, and looked after during your prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care. For locals, there is even an option to be approved for home births. 

Savannah said, “Their bedside manner is the best. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They are a blessing to all who get to be in their care!”.

2. Mercy Midwifery

Mercy Midwife offers a different kind of experience since they are connected to the Mercy hospital.  You will still get all the perks of being cared for by a midwife, BUT since you are still in the hospital, they offer the option to have a medicated birth while still being close to a hospital in case of an emergency. 

Moms who decide to have an unmedicated birth with be put in the clinic’s room, which looks like a hotel room with normal beds.  They also have a large tub for mothers who want to have a water birth.  They allow as much food and drink and even have a mini-fridge in some rooms.  They offer a relaxed experience for moms with many laboring options. 

Many moms loved working with Sarah Jones, a local midwife in Springfield MO, who offers her services in Mercy Midwifery, saying she offered the best pregnancy and birth experience many moms have ever experienced.

Whichever midwife in Springfield MO, you decide to go to, you are in good hands. Both clinics are highly regarded and known for their excellent care, as well as many others.

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