#1 Guide To Taking A Birthing Class in Springfield MO

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Participating in a birthing class in Springfield MO can be very beneficial to new parents.  It can ease anxiety, know better what to expect, learn some good tools to implement during labor and delivery as well as connect with your partner as you prepare for your new arrival.

It seems like everyone you know and strangers comment on helpful tips to get you through the pregnancy and newborn stage, but no one talks about the mysteries of labor and delivery.  And for me, that was the most daunting part!

Here are a few commonly asked questions about taking a birthing class in Springfield MO:

“Where can I take a birthing class in Springfield MO?”

I did a large survey asking many expecting moms where they suggest taking a local birthing class, and the top 4 recommended businesses were:

  1. Family health and wellness
  2. Flourish Family Doulas 
  3. Springfield Pregnancy Care Center 
  4. The hospital you are delivering.  Both Mercy and Cox offer a large list of parenting classes, including birthing classes.
  5. Doula Foundation 

“What will I learn in childbirth classes?”

Depending on the class you take

  1. Built confidence in your birthing ability, so you know what to expect
  2. Understand the process of labor and delivery 
  3. Learn physical and emotional coping techniques
  4. Explore your labor and birth options
  5. Techniques to relax
  6. Various labor positions
  7. Pain relief options
  8. Possible delivery complications and how they may be handled
  9. Basic care of your newborn
  10.  Medical interventions may occur if complications arise.

“When should I take a Springfield MO Childbirth Education Class?”

Most classes I found recommended signing up for a class around month 6 of your pregnancy, but each class is different.  Make sure to check with your preferred class schedule to find the exact time to sign up.

“Is taking a birthing class worth it?”

I think any education and classes are helpful for an expecting and new parent.  During my first pregnancy, I went through a prenatal class where I met with someone 2 times a month for a few months before I had my baby.  I was SO nervous about becoming a mom, my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It was so valuable to have a class to talk about my concerns and questions and help prepare me as a mom.  Many of my clients also express how helpful these prenatal and birthing classes are for first-time parents.

“I want to have an unmedicated birth. Which childbirth education class should I take?”

All of these birthing classes can help you get comfortable and feel more prepared for the decision to have an unmedicated birth.  They will help teach you techniques to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally stick with your decision.  Based on the survey I performed, Family Health and Wellness, The Doula Foundation, and Flourish Family Doulas will all be great resources for you because their theology is helping you with this exact goal.

“If I plan to have a doula during my labor and delivery, should I still take a Springfield MO birthing Class?”

Yes.  Many doulas offer and suggest birthing classes because they can help you feel more confident throughout your experience during labor and delivery.  Although doulas will help you during that time guide positions and being your support person, it is helpful to go into the experience knowing what to expect before contractions start.

“If I plan on getting an epidural, should I take a birthing class in Springfield MO?”

Yes. Birthing classes are for everyone, regardless of your pain management decisions.  I planned (and had) an epidural when delivering both of my kids. I found the prenatal classes both helpful and informative because I knew what to expect, it eased some of my anxiety that I had not known anything about going to labor or delivering a baby. It also helped me feel confident in my birthing options and decisions before, during, and after delivering my little ones.

Overall, I think Springfield MO Birthing classes are a great resource for expecting parents. It gives both parents more confidence in your birthing experience, a better understanding of the process of labor and delivery, physical and emotional coping techniques as well as a time to decide on your labor and birth options.

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