Top 4 Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails In Branson MO

family playing in field captured by Springfield MO family photographer Jessica Kennedy of The XO Photography

As a Branson family photographer and mom of 4, I love finding kid-friendly hiking trails in the Branson MO area. Each of these trails has been tested and approved by our family with young kids along with many other local families in the area who suggested these gorgeous trails in Branson.

Top 4 hiking trails in Branson MO:

family laughing together in field during Springfield Mo family photography session

1. Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation

Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation have 3 consecutive loops with a variety of views.  The first loop is an easy dirt trail of approximately 2.5 miles, with the consecutive trails being approximately 3 and 5 miles. Each trail is a loop with the option to keep going along the way rated easy to moderate difficulty.  There are lookout views, rolling hills, a view of the Ozark Mountains, a waterfall, creeks, and a beautiful field of wildflowers along the way. Each time we have hiked this, there have always been relatively few people enjoying the trails for a secluded hike to enjoy with your family.

2. Shepherd Of The Hills Hatchery

Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery is so fun for a family outing as well as an easy hike for the whole family.  It not only has a place to feed the baby trout and a place to go fishing it has a system of 3 trails totaling approximately 3 miles.  It is a wide clear path with built-in wood steps along Lake Taneycomo.

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3. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Dogwood Canyon has 6.5 miles of paved paths, 9 miles of nature hiking trails with crystal clear streams, waterfalls, and lots of wildlife along the way. To see more amenities they provide, you can visit it HERE.  Admission fees are required to use this trail.

4. Dewey Bald Lower Lookout Trail

Dewey Bald Lower Lookout Trail is 0.8 miles which is an easy hike.  It is a nice walk up to a lookout tower to view Branson and the Ozark mountains.  It is perfect for bird watching, running, and viewing wildlife, and is partially paved.  It is connected to longer, more difficult trails as well for a longer hike.

These hiking trails in Branson MO are all fun and family-friendly.

We have taken our family of 5 to all of these often, and it has always been a day of fun, fresh air, and exercise. Between viewing the beautiful Ozark Mountains, stopping to see the wildlife, splashing in the creeks along the way, bird watching, and more, there is always so much for the whole family to learn and do while taking a day hike.

Are you someone who would LOVE adventurous family photos in a gorgeous location while also having a fun and relaxing experience?

family cuddling in flower field during Springfield MO family photography session

I’m Jessica, a family photographer serving Branson MO who loves taking families on a fun adventure in the most gorgeous location while capturing their stories. I help with everything from styling, planning, location, and more to create the perfect session for you. Click HERE to learn more about working together.

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