#1 Guide To 3D Ultrasound In Springfield MO For Pregnant Moms

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Getting a 3d Ultrasound in Springfield MO, during pregnancy can be a great way to see your baby’s face while still inside your belly, have a video of your baby moving around, and connect with your unborn child.

Here are a few FAQs to help you decide what is best for your 3D Ultrasound in Springfield MO:

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1. Where can you get a 3d Ultrasound in Springfield MO?

Springfield MO has 2 business’s outside of the hospitals that offer 3D Ultrasounds in Springfield MO.  There is Ultrasona 3D/4D Prenatal Ultrasound and Imaging Miracles 3D/4D Ultrasound.  If you are going to Mercy or Cox in Springfield, MO they may offer 3D ultrasounds to their patient, depending on your doctor.

2. Should you get a 2d or 3d Ultrasound to determine the gender?

According to Imaging Miracles, “3D/4D/Live [ultrasounds] are not beneficial in verifying gender.  2D is the best option for gender verification starting at 15 weeks gestation.” https://www.imagingmiracles.life/faqs

3. What is the best time for your gender ultrasound appointment?

Ultrasoma and Imaging Miracles both take appointments for 2D ultrasounds for gender verification at 15 weeks or later.  Imaging Miracles offers a 100% gender verification guarantee meaning they will try their best to verify the gender on the first appointments.  But if they can’t verify on the initial visit, they offer a return visit free of charge for you.

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4. When is the best time for your 3d/4d live ultrasound appointment?

According to Imaging Miracles, “The best time for 3D/4D/HD Live visualization of the baby is between 28-34 weeks gestation. For the best face pictures, 30 weeks and after is recommended.”

5. What if you are unable to capture face photos?

Depending on which company you go to for your 3d Ultrasounds, you may be able to reschedule to try again.  Imaging Miracle offers a rescheduled appointment free of charge to ensure you will get face photos of your sweet little one.

Bonus: Imagining Miracles offers heartbeat animals to all of their packages.

It is a stuffed animal with a heartbeat that will help build connections and strengthen the bond between the unborn baby and the family.  I thought this was such a cool idea! For each baby, we have had a stuffed animal made during the pregnancy to give as their first gift.  The stuffed animal is usually well loved by the time the new baby gets it from my other kids cuddling with it to “cuddle the baby.”  I think this would have been a great thing to add to connect my older kids with their new siblings during my pregnancy.

We have many opportunities for 3D Ultrasounds in Springfield MO. I hope this helps you in deciding what is best for you when getting your 3D ultrasound.

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