4 Things To Ensure you Love Your Family Portraits in Springfield MO

family cuddling in field enjoying family portraits in Springfield MO

Hiring someone to do your family portraits in Springfield MO is a big financial and emotional investment.  But it was one of the few investments you will make that will last a lifetime. 

Here are 4 rules to follow to make sure you love your family portraits in Springfield MO

1. Investing in the RIGHT Springfield MO family photographer

You may be thinking a photographer is a photographer. What sets a good photographer the RIGHT photographer is a photographer who can capture your family’s connection.  It is what you will hold dear seeing your love, your playfulness, and your unique personalities shine through.

The most important thing to ensure you LOVE your family photos is to INVEST in a great photographer.  Not just a photographer that is quick and cheap but a photographer that will take their time, make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and make it easy for your family’s personality to shine and be themselves in a natural, authentic, and beautiful way.  

family cuddling during Springfield Mo family portraits

2. Choosing outfits that will highlight the connection in your family and coordinate

Finding the right outfits can be STRESSFUL! Outfits play such a massive part in how photos turn out and how you see yourself in the photos.  Finding a photographer who will help you choose outfits that will not only be flattering but that you will love for years to come will help ensure you love your family portraits! 

 I help all of my clients find the perfect outfits for their families and even have a motherhood client closet for clients to borrow from. Here are some of the tips I use to help plan my client’s family photos

  • Coordinate, don’t match
  • Well-fitting outfits, that are comfortable to move around and that you do not have to adjust 
  • Add texture and layers for more visual interest
  • Choose outfits that allow movement


framed family photos captured by Springfield MO family portrait photographer

3. Hiring a family photographer who understands the importance of prints and offers professional high-end products to their clients

There is something so special about receiving actual prints of your photos after your session ad having beautiful high-quality images to frame around your house or tiny hands to flip through the pages.  

We live in a digital world, and we often think that as long as the photographer of our choice offers digital we are set!  We can print the photos later.  Not only is there a massive difference in quality between consumer and professional prints, but how often do we NOT print them to enjoy?

Fun fact! Did you know all printing labs print different colors?  Choosing a photographer who offers professional prints and products to their clients ensures the colors are accurate and provides quality heirlooms you can enjoy for years to come. 

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family portrait of family cuddling in bed in photography studio in Springfield MO

4. Drop expectations- for you, your spouse, and your children

As moms, we all want beautiful photos of our families while children act like angels, and our spouses cooperate and are excited about the opportunity.  It can be tempting to say put pressure on them to perform well.

After photographing 1200+ families and counting, I’ve found one of the BEST things you can do to ensure your photos turn out as beautiful as you want them to release that expectation of things needing to turn out well and enjoy the experience instead. Kids do much better with the excitement of being ready for an adventure and playing with their favorite people.

 When hiring an experienced photographer in Springfield MO for your family portraits, they will have tons of tricks up their sleeve to bring everything together as you snuggle your babies, flirt with your spouse, and get beautiful photos to capture the amazing experience. 

Are you looking for a family photographer in Springfield, MO?  

Hello! I am Jessica, and I would love to capture your family.  I help with everything from finding the perfect outfits to location, planning, preparation, and more!  For more information on working together, click HERE.

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