6 Best Books To Help Prepare Your Toddler For A New Baby

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I have gathered the top 6 recommended books to help prepare your toddler for a new baby that thousands of parents have used in this big transition.

Books are a great way to prepare your toddler for a new baby.  It not only brings difficult topics up for open discussions, but it also gives examples of how other children are handling the situation. 

Top 6 Recommended Books To Help Prepare Your Toddler For A New Baby

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1. New Baby Board Series Books By Rachel Fuller

This series of 4 board books Waiting for Baby, My New Baby, You and Me!  And Look at Me! Will help your child through the whole journey of your pregnancy, the arrival of a new baby, and all the changes (good and bad) that can come with becoming an older sibling.  All of these books are great for starting open conversations with your children about what is happening and what is to come.

2. I Am A Big Sister By Caroline Jayne Church

I’m  A Big Sister By Joanna Cole is one of the most popular books for helping sisters prepare for a new baby.  It is told through the eyes of a new older sister who tells all about the good and exciting things that come from her new title.

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3. I am a Big Brother By Caroline Jayne Church

I Am A Big Brother is the companion book to I Am A Big Sister.  It shares the fun, excitement, and changes in the eyes of the new big brother.

4. Babies Don’t Eat Pizza By Dianne Danzig

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza is an award-winning book using child humor and honesty to tell the detailed journey of having a baby from birth to a toddler.  It covers so many topics such as multicultural families, how babies are born, adoptions, and twins, and even has a parent tip page at the end for additional tips to help your child through the change.  This is used by various parents, teachers, and health professionals to help with the transitions.

5. Little Dragon And The New Baby By Deborah Cuneo

Little Dragon And The New Baby addresses the difficulty of adjusting to the idea of a new sibling.  Little dragons are about to be big brothers, and he doesn’t like it.  When the egg finally hatches, and the new baby dragon arrives, the whole family receives a big surprise, and the little dragon realizes it isn’t so bad after all.

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6. God Gave Us Two By Lisa Tawn Begren

God Gave Us Two is the sequel to God Gave Us You and helped affirm parents’ unchanging love for a child.  It helps little kids accept, appreciate, and love their new siblings.  It is centered around a polar bear family whose expecting another baby.  It gently and lovingly affirms the firstborn that the new baby is a gift from God that they very much want just as they want their firstborn.

I hope these books help your toddler prepare for a new baby.

For more tips for helping your child in this big transition, check out “4 Tips How To Prepare A Toddler For A New Baby” HERE.

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