#1 Guide To Water Birth In Kansas City

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Water birth in Kansas City is a type of natural childbirth that involves delivering a baby in a tub of warm water. Some women choose to labor in the water and then get out for delivery, while others remain in the water for the entire birth process. Water birth can help to ease pain and relax the body during childbirth.

Benefits of water birth in Kansas City

Water birth is a safe and healthy option for both mother and child. Although it is not as common as other types of childbirth, water birth is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. Some of these benefits include

  • can be more comfortable for the mother
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • providing pain relief
  • promoting bonding between mother and baby.
  • Increasing mobility during labor.
  • Help the baby transition to life outside the womb by providing a familiar and comforting environment.
  • shorter labor
  • fewer interventions
  • Some research suggests that babies born in water may have a lower risk of developing respiratory problems.
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Risks of water birth in Kansas City

According to the local hospitals they say, there are a few risks associated with water birth, though they are relatively rare. They include maternal and neonatal infection, drowning, and electrical shock. Maternal infection can occur when the water is contaminated with bacteria, which can enter the uterus and cause infection. Neonatal infection can occur when the baby swallows contaminated water during delivery. Drowning can occur if the mother becomes exhausted during delivery and cannot keep her head above water.

Where to have a Kansas City water birth

Those looking for a water birth in Kansas City have a few options.

The first is the hospital. Depending on the hospitals’ current regulations, they often offer mothers the opportunity to labor in a pool of water. But, many will not allow mothers to deliver in the water. It is best to discuss your options with your doctor. 

The second option is a birthing center in Kansas City.  A birthing center is staffed by midwives and other medical professionals trained in natural childbirth techniques. A birthing center aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for women to give birth without medical interventions such as pain medication or epidurals.  Birthing centers typically have a more relaxed atmosphere than a hospital and doulas.

The most recommended is New Birth Company in Overland Park. At the time of this article, it is the only birthing center in the area.

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Finally, is having a Kansas City home birth. Homebirth is a natural childbirth in the comfort of the mother’s home. Homebirths are typically low-intervention and allow the mother to control her labor and delivery while often still having skilled medical staff to assist and often allow you to have a water birth.

Sacred Song Birthplace is highly recommended to offer medical support in the comfort of your own home. 

In conclusion, water birth is a safe and effective method of childbirth that can offer many benefits for both mother and baby. Water birth can help ease pain and stress and promote bonding and relaxation. If you are considering a water birth, discuss it with your healthcare provider to ensure it is right for you.

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