Ultimate Guide To Working With A Lactation Consultant in Springfield MO

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As a Springfield MO maternity and newborn photographer, I know the idea of breastfeeding or pumping can be a little overwhelming and for new and expecting moms. A lactation consultant in Springfield MO, can help you in this journey and be a vital resource for you and your baby to learn how to work together through this new journey. 

I have gathered a few of the top frequently asked questions about working with a lactation consultant in Springfield, MO, to help you in this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With a Lactation Consultant in Springfield MO

What is a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant in Springfield, MO is a nursing professional that helps new moms in their breastfeeding journey. They are there as a support to educate and assist you and your baby learns how to breastfeed or pump efficiently.  They can answer questions, problem solve, and create a game plan so you and your baby can have a successful journey.

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Where can I find a lactation consultant?

Springfield, MO offers a variety of businesses that have lactation consultants. A few places you can find a lactation consultant is:

When should I work with a lactation consultant?

Many lactation consultants in Springfield MO can help you during your pregnancy know what to expect and answer basic questions that many new moms run into.  

Then many birth centers and hospitals will have a lactation consultant in Springfield, MO work with you right after you deliver your newborn to get you started in this journey.  They can help you from the beginning help you learn to latch, how hold, when to feed your little one, and so much more! 

It can also be good to keep meeting with one at any time you run into any new baby challenges, such as

  • insufficient milk supply
  • trouble hitting weight milestones
  • finding a comfortable nursing position
  • baby refusing to breastfeed
  • cluster feeding sessions that leave moms struggling
  • breast or nipple pain, engorgement
  • baby falling asleep at the breast
  • emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding, such as postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety
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How can a lactation consultant in Springfield MO, help me?

Lactation consultants offer peace of mind to new moms as they navigate breastfeeding and pumping by answering questions, giving advice, and helping troubleshoot any problems they may have.  They assist you in creating a game plan to help you navigate this new journey and provide step by steps to meet you and your baby where you are at.  They help with everything from positions, latching, pumping sizes, how to breastfeed or pump, and so much more.

What happens at an appointment with a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant in Springfield MO will first talk with you to ask questions about you and your baby’s health, pregnancy, delivery, the baby’s weight changes since birth, and family health history.  They will ask you about how things are going, how many diapers your baby has each day, and a few other questions to help them determine how to help you best.  This will also allow you to ask any questions you may have and see what challenges you may be running into so far. To answer your questions, see what challenges you have faced.

Then they will watch you either nurse your baby or pump.  If nursing, they will observe you and your baby’s behavior, examine your breasts and nipples, and help adjust your positioning if needed.  They will check your baby’s latch, how they are sucking and swallowing, and ensure they are breathing correctly. They will also correct any problems that may be present.

What do I need to bring to your lactation consultant appointment?

You will bring your baby and any pumping equipment you are currently using.  They may ask you to bring a few additional items depending on who you are working with.

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Can a lactation consultant diagnose tongue tie, lip tie, or thrush?

This will depend on the lactation consultant and whether they can properly diagnose this. They can check for thrush, tongue, and lip ties, and they will likely refer you to your or your baby’s doctors to get proper treatment for any of these three challenges. 

Can a lactation consultant teach me how to increase my milk supply?

Yes!  They can provide education on how to increase milk supply both for breastfeeding and pumping and can help address any issues you may be running into.  Many lactation consultants will send you home with step-by-step instructions on what to do to help you.

Do lactation consultants only help with breastfeeding? Or can they help me with pumping and bottle feeding?

Lactation consultants can help you not only with nursing your newborn baby but also help you with pumping. Whether you plan to breastfeed exclusively, breastfeed and pump or exclusively pump, lactation consultants can help you.

I hope this helped answer the frequently asked questions about meeting with a lactation consultant in Springfield, MO. Lactation Consultants can be so helpful in your journey as a new mom.

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